App4Legal – All-in-one Software to Manage Legal Matters and Automate Contracts & Tasks.

The world is rapidly changing. In recent years, the global market has shifted to the digital landscape, and with it, all industries have followed suit. The legal industry is no different.

Legal Practitioners, Teams and Firms are expected to adapt their practice, as well. App4Legal is the only all-in-one software that allows its users to do everything; from managing legal matters and cases, to automating tasks and workflows, including an agile, fully integrated, contracts lifecycle and document automation solution.

Why App4Legal?

A common problem faced in legal practice, today, is inefficiency. Lawyers spend roughly 4 hours per day on administrative tasks, that means; answering phones, comparing legal research, drafting repetitive documents, and managing schedules. They struggle to keep track of tasks and deadlines, and get interrupted over 10 times a day. Leaving them with, on average, less than 30% of their working hours for business development or billable work.

Moreover, the tools currently available, and that are frequently being used by legal practitioners today, are either small & isolated, or legacy and old-fashioned. This leads to poor efficiency & utilization ratios.

With App4Legal, users are offered an all-in-one solution that efficiently combines all the tools needed by legal teams. App4Legal offers the only “Central Software Workspace” that provides all the features needed in legal practice for both law-firms and in-house legal departments. From Case & Matter Management, Contract Lifecycle Management & Document Automation to Time Billing, CRM and much more.

App4Legal also integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Teams, Docusign, Webex, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint, and much more.

Main modules:

The function of in-house counsel has evolved from legal adviser and risk watchdog to a broader role as a business partner in strategy and operations. As a result, in-house legal teams are looking for better ways to stay informed so they can proactively help solve business problems, drive growth, and plan for the future.

• Corporate Matter Management
• Contract lifecycle, Approval workflow & Document Automation
• Litigation Case Management
• Entity Management & Corporate Data Management
• Task Management & Workflows
• Time Tracking
• Time Billing, Expenses, Time Logs, Invoices
• Legal Document Management

• Reporting & Dashboards
• Reminders & Notifications
• Emails Sync & Tracking
• Advanced business workflows
• CRM & Client Files Management
• External Advisors Management
• Collaboration Tools
• And more

App4Legal’s solution is a comprehensive, secure, modular, jurisdiction agnostic, enterprise, multi-lingual and highly configurable platform available on-cloud, private SaaS and on premises. Additionally, it’s the Highest Ranking & Fastest Growing All-in-one Legal Practice Management Solution, with a Fully-Integrated, Agile Contract Lifecycle Management & Document Automation Solution.

App4Legal has clients in 65+ countries including all industries (Banks, Telcos, Governmental, Insurance, Healthcare, Groups, Airlines, Education, law-firms and much more).

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